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Customer Service

At AEON, we strive to place our customers first. We provide Customer Service by anticipating our customers' needs and satisfaction. We provide fast, easy and convenient services to you i.e. Member Services, Tele-Enquiry, e-Mobile Enquiry and Payment Channel.


Transact with added peace of mind when you log on to our Member Services. This service allows you to check credit limit, statement, balance and point inquiries. Besides, you can also enjoy the flexibility to change your autodebit amount anytime between 11th until 27th of each month.


Interactive Phone System

Do your transaction at your convenience! Be informed of your credit card status, easy payment schemes, sales promotions and general & corporate inquiries through our tele-enquiry. Enjoy prompt and efficient information when you call 03-2719 9999 24 hours. More ...

Payment Channel

Perform transactions faster and get speedier answers. Manage your payments through auto debit, cheque payments and payments over the AEON counters. Check your current balance and pay bills. Life has never been easier!